Carpet Cleaning Benefits Of Not Doing It Yourself

Beyond saving you time, hiring professional carpet cleaners may provide a more thorough and healthier clean than you could achieve on your own. Read on to find out more.

If you are considering cleaning your carpets yourself, with the idea of saving both money and time, you may be off the mark. In essence, the professional carpet cleaners are faster, more efficient, and more thorough in their cleaning approach, at least according to this Newport Gwent UK company

For one, most at-home cleaning treatments marketed to homeowners may ruin carpet pile and actually attract allergens and encourage mold growth in carpet backing. The cleaners found at the supermarket, for instance, may not reach very deep in the carpet pile, get stuck to the pile, and actually attract more dirt, like a magnet.

Professionals use better machinery and better cleaners, and are able to extract any water that is introduced in the cleaning process. What all this means is that the dirt and cleaners are removed by the end of the cleaning, which means there is no “magnetic pull” of dirt to stick to carpet pile. It also means that there is no water left to sit in the carpet backing, which allows mold to grow.

Pollutants are removed through the professional cleaning process. Air pollutants actually get lodged in the carpeting. Commonly, cockroaches, pet dander, and other allergens are to blame. Kids can end up sick from such allergens, because they are typically more inclined to roll around on the carpet, and kick up the allergens.

Even if you rent a carpet steamer, you will not be able to clean as thoroughly as the professionals. They have tools to thoroughly and effectively eradicate the bacteria and pollutants.

Killing And Eradicating Dust Mites

In addition to removing pollutants and allergens, the professional cleaning process will also do away with dangerous dust mites. The mites leave behind their feces and their body parts. Inhalation of mites causes allergic reactions to those who are sensitive and allergic to them.

You could have an infestation and just chalk all the sneezing in your home to hayfever, when it is actually caused by dust mites. Just like with cockroach allergens and pet dander, only a professional cleaning can truly do away with dust mites.

The professionals will also be able to stop mold growth in their steaming process. They have powerful steamers that can also pull the water back out of the carpet pile once it has been cleaned to prevent the development of mold. At-home cleaning machines do not have such great results.