What Do You Know About Roof Tiles?

Tile roofing has to be one of the developments that have really changed. They have been available since the Roman period and are majorly used nowadays when making roofs. Tile roofing is not only advantageous, but it also makes for a very attractive décor. For someone who is focused on how the roof looks , tile roofing is the best option, and the best thing is that you can be able to color them if you dont want to be stuck with the generic brick color that is very common of tile roofing.

Tile roofing primary purpose is to keep out the rain water even though it does contribute greatly to the general beauty of a structure. It is very common to find tile roofing in estates where there is some controlled development. The tiles are usually made out of slate, terracotta or clay depending on where exactly its being made. You will also find some tile roofing that has been made from modernized materials due to many factors and these are either plastic or concrete. With the developments in construction, you will also find some tile roofing that has been made from clay are also waterproof.

The best way to fix roof tiles is by affixing them using nails onto the framework that will be used to create the roof. As you may have noticed, the tile roofing is fixed in a parallel manner. The main reason for this is, of course, to prevent rainwater from getting through and also to hide the nails that have been used to fix them on the roof framework. As much as the best way to fix this tiles is in a parallel way, there are also other designs that can be applied when you want to fix tile roofing.

The kind of tile roofing that you do not need to fix in a parallel manner have been made especially for this type of design. You will have to look for tiles called valley or hip or the ridge tiles as they are the ones that would work best in this situation. You can also be able to choose roof tiles in the shape that you want. They are not all made in a rectangular shape, and you can find one that will work best with the kind of look you are going for.

The types of roof tiles that are available include flat tiles that are the most common and are also very simple to install. You simply need to lay them in an overlapping way and fix them with nails. The other type is an ancient pattern from Rome that is called Imbrex and Tegula that are mainly for capturing rainwater. Another type of roof tiles is one that has a concave and convex shape at different ends that also originate from Rome. Other types of roofing tiles that you can look into include pantiles, Antefixes and mission tiles that semi-cylindrical in shape.